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  1. Thanks! I'm lucky to be more inland! Not that the rain & wind won't be as bad, but I don't have to worry so much about the storm surge in my area! I've come to take these storms seriously, because of the flooding we had in Paulding a few years ago! That was scary!!
  2. Zone A is all of the low lying areas. Including downtown Manhattan, by Battery Park and the WTC area. Also, along beach front areas and places along the rivers!! Gotta remember, NYC (4 of the 5 boroughs) and Long Island are all Islands. We're surrounded by water! The Bronx is the only part of NYC that is connected to land!
  3. Your right, they haven't issued any hurricane watches or warnings and I don't think they're going to! We've gotten plenty of flood warnings, wind warnings and all that fun stuff, but that's it and it is supposed to hit us as a hurricane! Crazy!?!?!
  4. Yes, I'm prepared! Weather is warm, mostly in the 60's. Don't have to worry about being cold. I also have a fireplace, if we need a little heat, but I don't think we will!! One of my friends lives in Port Jeff too and she's on higher ground! Yeah, the power and trees are an issue and hopefully we'll get lucky!!
  5. Port Jeff is close enough to the water!! Hopefully they will get her out of there, if needed!!
  6. I'm on Long Island too, where is she? I'm in Floral Park, so I'm not on the coastline. Hopefully she is inland too!!!
  7. MTA Will be shutting down transportation, I think at 7pm tonight for subway, 9pm for buses here in NY! We're Getting ready for what comes our way and hoping for the best!!
  8. I can always count on you to "OUT" me!! LOL You know I love Johnny and it's breaking my heart that I can't be there to visit!! You go give him a hug and kiss for me and tell him I Love him, since I'm not there to do it myself!!
  9. twgs13


    Sending up BIG prayers for Johnny and all of you!! Thanks for letting us know what's going on!! Please keep us posted as you can!! Give him my Love, please!!!
  10. Whoever it was, was just giving their opinion, they weren't involved in the wedding that was being discussed!! The girl that had to tell the bride that she couldn't afford to be in the wedding had been unemployed for a while, possibly just went back to work and really couldn't swing it!
  11. I thought for sure I would find out who it was by posting about it on here!!
  12. I was on my way to work the other day and they were discussing a girl who was asked to be in her friends wedding, but really couldn't afford it. They were giving their opinions and asked for the opinions of their listeners. One girl called in and agreed that she should let her friend know right away, also said if it was a really good friend and she really wanted her in the wedding, she would pay for the dress just to have her in it. When they asked the girl where she was calling from, she said Dallas, Georgia!! Imagine my surprise to hear someone from Dallas on my New York radio stat
  13. We'll get some shopping done tomorrow after work and get what we need, or what's left on the shelves LOL I've heard rumors that there aren't any batteries left on Long Island!! Food we got and drinks, don't want to get too much, because if we lose power, it will all go bad! Got dry food in he pantry too! We'll be locked up tightly! Gotta keep an eye on the older lady across the street too!! She doesn't have anybody, so I've taken her under my wing too LOL
  14. Thanks!! I appreciate the good luck wishes!! No storm tomorrow, so there is work!! LOL
  15. I'll be OK, Laurie!! Don't worry, I'll check in as much as possible. I'm not in a flood zone. I'll make sure I've got plenty of gas in the car and that my phone is constantly charged! I'm working tomorrow, but if they start calling for it to be bad, I will head upstate or something! The storm isn't really supposed to hit us bad until Sunday! (((((((HUGS)))))))
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