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  1. My 83 year-old father may be moving here from Arizona soon. I would like to find a doctor for him before the move. I am hoping to find one that specializes in geriactric medicine. Anyone have any recommedations?
  2. We came home to this one day. The contents of the bean bag were scattered throughout the whole house!
  3. Chindog is busy right now, so I am answering for him. Yes, please do add us to the list! I will PM our address and phone to you.
  4. I let him go the next day, (11/24). He was still doing well and scurried away.
  5. Mizcue, I am SO sorry to hear this sad news!!! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  6. A convection oven has a fan to circulate the air, so the heat is more evenly distributed throughout the oven.
  7. That's him!!!! Thank you for finding the information for us!!! I know where to release him now!! I'll wait until the warmest part of the day tomorrow.
  8. When I moved our big garbage container to roll it to the curb today, there was a little black lizard under it. It's skin is slick and shiny. It has a lot of tiny yellow spots all over. Nose to tail, he is only about 3". It did not run when I moved the trash can. It just laid there on the dirt. I had never seen one like it so I took a photo of it with my cell phone. I got within a few inches of it to take the photo. It still did not run. It did take a couple of steps, so I knew it wasn't dead. I checked on it after about 30 minutes and it was still just laying there, out in the open, on the dirt. I felt badly because he apparently is in a hibernation state, and I took his shelter. He was very easy prey for birds where he was. I put a plastic container over him and slid a piece of plastic under him. He did cling to the plastic for a few seconds, but fell down into the container when I turned it over. He still did not move much. He has been in the container in our kitchen all afternoon. The only thing he has done is stick his head under a wood chip that was near him when I scooped him up. I am wondering if I need to warm him up so he "wakes up" and then turn him lose tomorrow? Since the temps are supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow, I am afraid if I just dump him under a bush or something, he may not be able to find adequate shelter if he is still "asleep". Here is a pic of him.
  9. Thanks for all the Congrats!! I am sure there were quite a few people in the church who were betting it wouldn't last 26 DAYS, much less 26 YEARS! We only knew each other 3 WEEKS when we got engaged, and were married 2 1/2 MONTHS later!!
  10. Today was our 26th wedding anniversary! Chindog left for work before I got up this morning. When I got up, I found the roses, red velvet cake, and nice card he had left for me!! Aaaaahhh
  11. You can Hide people's posts on your wall. They will still see what you post, but things they post will not show up on your wall (except for when they comment on a post). Move your cursor to the upper right side of one of their posts. The word "Hide" will pop up. Click it and they will be "hiden" from your wall. You can also go down to the lower right of your wall page and click on "Edit Options" to Hide or unHide people.
  12. I just got back from Kroger on Ridge Rd. It was POURING down rain. In the 4 mile trip each way, there and back, I saw at least 10 cars that did not have their lights on. I turned my lights off and back on 2 or 3 times before they passed me, to try to tell them that they forgot to turn their lights on. Only ONE person took the hint and turned their lights on. Most of the others hit their brakes to slow down, thinking I was warning them of a cop or danger ahead. It apparently did not occur to them that THEY were the danger!!!
  13. This was my first thought also. With all the rain we have had, mushrooms are popping up all over. There ARE some poisonous ones around. The symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. The poison can be fatal!! It stays in the dog's system, even though they act like they feel better after a while. Then when they eat more mushrooms, the poison compounds. So, they get sicker and sicker each time they eat some. If she has these same symptoms again, TAKE HER TO THE VET ASAP!! The mushrooms with the flat, saucer shaped tops, are more likely to be poisonous than the ones with the ball shaped tops. I am attaching a pic of the mushrooms that killed one of our dogs a few years ago.
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