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  1. Looking for some input on where to go and who to use to tint the car windows........
  2. Dana - I only need 39 or if I can find 10 it'd be a start haha I guess I need to start checking out the places mentioned, it seems crazy that Home Depot doesn't have any. Maybe they are sold out all of a sudden. Who knows. I'm just eager to finish this project.
  3. I'm looking for these: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Unbranded-8-in-x-2-in-x-16-in-Concrete-Top-Cap-082H0190100100/100322590?cm_sp=BazVoice-_-CAT-_-6d4171f7-0077-4a99-acb5-c7c5dc6f5fcc-_-x If it doesn't work they are 8 x 2 x 16 concrete top caps. I've checked both Home Depot and Lowes (as well as the ones in surrounding areas) and no one seems to have them in stock Anyone know of any other places to buy those things at?
  4. I'm not sure how to word what I'm asking about. There is just this phantom water showing up in my backyard. It STINKS! It shouldn't be our septic or water but I wanted to see where exactly our lines are. I'm pretty sure I know but still...... My FIL thinks it might be seepage from our neighbors septic tank since they have so many people living over there.
  5. Holy poop well the one on Saturdays doesn't pull teeth and Lee charges a butt ton to get rid of a tooth.
  6. Thanks guys! The husband said he could hold off until Monday....I don't think I can though haha
  7. I know....crazy thought! Poor husband though....he's either about to go crazy or drive me crazy.
  8. I'm sad too. While we do like Stars & Strikes, it can be overly crowded and stressful. We enjoyed the simplicity of Paulding Bowling.
  9. Sometimes I wonder but most of the time I don't care. I remember "back in the day" when getting on here was something done out of excitement maybe....now it's just something to do when there is absolutely nothing else to do. If I'm really tired and trying hard to stay awake to watch that Law & Order rerun from 10 years ago I'll come on here for a few. That's how it is for me anyway. Well that and I'm fond of my facebook. I don't have to deal with censorship or dictatorship on there Though I do have to say that I met "gonefromhere" (who is so nice might I add) the other day and purchas
  10. My husbands Gran says never before the 30th so I'm holding off until next week at the earliest. I sure am antsy though!
  11. No one can see our yard except for the people on the one side of us....if the dare to turn me in I'll be forced to reciprocate. With all the criminals err relatives coming and going I'm sure they have drugs somewhere.
  12. Do what I did....tell your neighbors what you are wanting to do and ask them if they have any problems with it. I'm on about 3/4 of an acre in a non covenant subdivision well outside city limits. I told my neighbors and they said as long as I didn't get a rooster they didn't care. Which they shouldn't anyway since they beyond break the law but you know how that goes. We don't have our coop or chickens yet but we are planning on keeping it small.....4 chickens. It can't possibly stink any worse than my neighbors multitude of dogs and them not cleaning the crap up.
  13. Whoops. I was out grocery shopping though luckily it didn't happen unless it did and we missed it. I've got to gather some stuff up in case it gets bad later. I usually have the kids pack a small backpack each with a change of clothes, some snacks, a flashlight etc. Then I pack another one with some first aid stuff, snacks, change of clothes for the husband and I and flashlights/batteries. I keep a 24 pack of bottled water in the basement.
  14. That's my theory too. I understand the money is to help support the child but truth is the custodial parent will need a home, utilities, food etc. I understand that some people can't make those payments on their own but on the other hand, if they are that bad off shouldn't the child be with the person that can best support them? I'm just thankful that my ex and I are in agreement (so far...knock on wood and all) with all issues involving our son and child support.
  15. That's what my ex & I do for our son He has a savings account that any child support goes into so when he is older he will have money towards college or a car or whatever.
  16. I can't recommend anyone but I can tell you who NOT to use. If you are interested send me a PM. I'll not mention her name on here though when I was telling my friend about the "lawyer with the nasty dirty stinky home office complete with dogs running around, piles of dog hair and dog pee stained carpet" the lady behind me in line knew exactly who I was talking about
  17. haha and those pictures are just some of the many. Those were taken around lunch time on Saturday
  18. Not sure if this will work or if you can see the pictures, these are from my cousin in Woonsocket, RI
  19. I so set myself up for that one I'll try to post em
  20. I'll take 6"....just enough to go sledding on for a day or two but only if it promises to melt when I'm tired of it ha
  21. Well, to be fair to Georgians, I can see how they could complain about a few inches. Snow isn't common out here after all. The streets have no shoulders or anything, it's quite hilly.....this towns and cities in this state were just not designed with snow in mind. My family back home (RI, MA) have been texting pictures all day. I actually miss it though when I recall stories about people dying (there was a new one today) during this, I don't miss it as much.
  22. Wow!! Thanks for posting this! It isn't too late to start is it? I've got a couple readers that can knock out 5 books in no time, especially Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books!
  23. Thanks for the heads up! I stock up when OfficeMax & Staples has it cheap or free after rebate but my stockpile is getting low.
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