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  1. I am so glad you were able to take those pics, and witness her craziness. She pretends to turn right onto Florence if cars are sitting at that light, but always cuts back over and turns right onto 278. She does not care who she cuts off or how many accidents she almost causes. This woman is nuts.
  2. I am at work in powder springs and we have no power still. Ga power wasn't aware of an outage down here and said they have no eta on when it will be restored.
  3. It is her normal path of routine, and yes that is the one. I sure wish I could get behind her one time and snap a pic of that license plate. Maybe I should have let her cut me off and get in front of me.
  4. I know I do. She is behind me at least 2-3 days a week, and the danger she puts every one else in is ridiculous. Bright side is, I will no longer be going that route after tomorrow. At least not until school starts back. :yahoo:
  5. Guess who was behind me again this morning!!! This time I didn't see her until she came flying up on me on 278, just as I was about to turn right onto Florence Rd. She tried to cut me off to get in front of me so she could turn first. She wasn't able to do it because of a truck sitting in the right lane going straight. At this intersection, she normally goes straight, but if the light is red, then she acts like she is going to turn onto Florence, but instead she flies across the intersection and makes a right off of Florence onto 278 avoiding the red light. I hope that makes
  6. I know. You went from my #1 poster friend, to eh... I'll get to ya when I can.
  7. :rofl: It will start coming back to you now that you work normal hours again.
  8. Blocking her is worst than deleting her. In other words, she will know she is no longer there, and the 2 of you cannot see anything each other posts at all. She cannot see anything with your name on it.
  9. That is because you were! I saw you in person so I know better than you do!
  10. Putting her on hide does not stop HER from seeing your stuff, it just stops her stuff from being in your newsfeed. On your newsfeed page, go to the very bottom. There is a tab for "edit options" and you can go to their name and click unhide.
  11. At least yours will do something with her hair. Mine does a couple of times a week, and the rest she doesn't care one bit. When I was her age, I was up at 5am to shower, do my hair and put on the perfect outfit with matching earrings and everything. I would not be seen getting mail without having make up on.
  12. But you did not do as poorly as you thought you did either!
  13. There are some people that I have deleted, and then there are those I just put on hide for various reasons. That way, if all the post are negatives, or religious stuff, or nothing but music videos, I don't have to read them every day, but can still communicate with them. Make sense?
  14. I thought you looked awesome Saturday night! I didn't realize you were talking about those pictures of you! You looked great. Your hubby didn't complain, now did he?
  15. :lol: My daughter has no problem telling me if she doesn't like something I am wearing, but she does not mind one bit going to school in huge baggy sweat pants, flip flops, and not even brushing her hair! What 15 yo girl does that? I am so glad school is out in 2 days so I don't have to deal with fighting with her in the mornings.
  16. It's listed under PROJECTS! Not sure why. I would think it would be under the Health forum or something.
  17. I have my camera with me and charged at all times, but hard to get it ready and film when driving myself. I wish just once I could be BEHIND her instead of in front of her. It would make getting her on tape a little easier. This week is the last week I will go that route because I will no longer be dropping my daughter at EPHS in the mornings. Maybe the timing will be right in the next 2 days.
  18. I do believe that is the same car that pulls crap like that almost every morning. And it's a SHE!!! Her dumb@ss ends up behind me many mornings. I go down 92 to Macland and turn left, and then I turn right on Poplar Springs. She ends up behind me at the light to turn onto Macland, rides my @ss and tries to pass me on double yellow. When she can't do that, she tries to cut me off and get ahead of me when the lane opens up to turn onto Poplar Springs. I won't let her do it. Then she drives like a maniac all the way down Poplar Springs until we get to 278 where we both turn left.
  19. I only have 3 more hours, and luckily enough work to keep me busy until then. I should really get off of here to get it done in fact.
  20. and she told me yesterday the details would be boring! Pfft.... Then I got the phone call I had been waiting for and I don't really think I could call that boring. I do believe I made the right decision NOT to take Tow up on the offer of coming with you two however! :rofl:
  21. :rofl: And that's all *I* am going to say about that! :lol:
  22. How did you get the mug shot?
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