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  1. Most definatley on the prayers.....it's hard enough to lose a loved one....even worse when it's under these circumstances and you find them.
  2. I'm quite sure it was suicide, I wouldn't say murder/suicide though. The girl who called...the hysterical one...was his girlfriend. I live two doors down.
  3. S.O. was on scene, rescue 5 and rescue 4. It's not confirmed, however possible 10-45 (Suicide Complete).
  4. Dispatch: Person Dead - 416 Twin Oaks Lane - Twin Oaks Subdivision (Cross street is Old Yorkville Road) 37yo male Caller was 10-82 (Hysterical, Emotional or Upset Person). Saw male (her friend/boyfriend) in vehicle with his head down. Bloody and bruised. Caller unable to give further information, refused to go back outside. (Call log 6:54 - 7:09 PM continued on 7:09 - 7:25 PM continued on 7:25 - 7:40 PM and further). I'm still listening.
  5. Okay...rumor mill said that someone here shot themselves sitting in their truck in their driveway. I wasn't about to take my son out there to see that so I'm not really sure. I'm listening to back logs of the scanner to find out. Was anyone listening between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM (could have been a little sooner) and hear what was going on? Address could be something in regards to "Twin Oaks Circle". Thanks if you got the info! Cops seem to be gone now....they had the crime tape out from what I could see from here....and I'm the highest house on the hill so I can usually see quite a bit!
  6. The problem here is....it shouldn't take a police officer to stop and do things like this. Last week I was taking my son to the Post Office with me and a younger man on a motorcycle was having some serious troubles with the bike. Being a bike junky myself I decided to pull off the 120 Connector to see if I could help him. He didn't have a cell phone so I let him use mine to get in touch with his dad. Come to find out, the battery in the bike was dead so I gave him a jump to get it started and get him moving again. He wasn't going but 5-10 miles up the road so I was hoping it could get enough charge to get him there. Needless to say, it didn't. I don't know how many of you have a 2 year old...but when they are in the back seat being as good as mine you know you're doing the right thing for this young man and God is taking care of the little boy in the backseat. Anyways....Had to jump this guy about 10 times to get him close enough to where he was going that he could walk up there and get a battery. The moral of the story here is.....it doesn't matter what your schedule is that day....there is a reason that voice in the back of your head says..."Man...I should have stopped to see if that person is okay".......one other story really quick....was driving from Southern GA back up here towards Atlanta. It was earlier this year and it was quite cool outside....I noticed 3 pieces of luggage on the side of Hwy 27 and decided to pull over and move them off the road so they wouldn't get splattered all over the place. What I didn't notice, was the woman laying behind the luggage to try and stay out of the wind. I ended up giving her a ride almost 200 miles from the place I picked her up...and gave her 20 bucks to get some food. You probably won't believe a word of this next part....but no kidding...not less than a week later I had some of the greatest news in my life....something you really just don't get everyday....I won't tell you what it was because it's rather personal.....but you just don't get this news everyday. Everything happens for a reason......just because they don't look like the "friendliest" person in the world doesn't automatically make them a criminal, killer or rapist. Now....be careful in who you go and help and where you help them........But if you can offer that assistance......it's the responsibility of a human being to take care of others!!! My two cents for the year.....you won't hear me rant on this one again!! ) Carl
  7. Multiple units responded to a High Speed Pursuit that I actually witnessed. Runner was on a motorcycle and units were chasing at a very high rate of speed. Trying to find scanner background on this. Saw that chase at around 2150hrs.
  8. No ma'am. I just know their schedule. I am an Active Duty Marine with Marine Aircraft Group 42, which is the Headquarters for HMLA-773 (Red Dogs). I do know who was piloting though...doesn't make much difference. That unit is about to head over to Iraq the first week of Sept. Would ask that the folks in the area keep them in their thoughts and prayers. They are a brave bunch of souls. So...enjoy the "whip whip whip whip" of the AH-1W while you can...you won't hear it again until late next year.
  9. Helicopter is un-related. AH-1W Cobra out of Dobbins piloted by an officer from Helicopter Medium Attack Squadron 773 (HMLA 773).
  10. Cobb County was rather nice in the ticket area once. Was able to show military ID and had a VERY VALID reason (near death of a Marine) and got an escort to the base from a Cobb County Officer once. They are "usually" there when you need them...but never there when you want them...like the idiot that just passed you at 100mph on a double yellow going around a corner in the fog at 10:00 PM.....ya know!
  11. It disturbs me that people won't get out there and assist animals in need. I was golfing one afternoon in Gwinnett County and came to the backside of the course. A dog was following some other golfers around the course, and then jetted out into the road. It was immediately hit by a vehicle, which of course didn't stop.....unlucky him I got the full description to include last 4 on the plates...anyways....the dog was dying...and my buddies and I basically held this dog in our arms until it passed......if people can't stop to help the most helpless...what will they do when they come across a person lying there....walk past...just call 911 and hope they get there fast enough.... I really hate most of the human race these days....if everyone was like me...this place would be damn near perfect!
  12. Code junkie here....with other BB systems you can limit the use of HTML tags to registered (pay) users only. You can have the systems class just as you use here, with the limitations in place on each user. It's really just an "if, than" statement buried so deep in the code that only someone reading binary code without the aid of a computer (Matrix stuff here) could really find!!!! ) <html>
  13. Quick Idea: Let's hold a rally.....we can raise money....pay for better hosting!! ) I mean really people.....dedicated hosting on a reputable companies servers isn't that exspensive! Hell my PC here in my office is probably a better host! Honestly....FastDns...they don't even have their own website. It's blocked to outside users. Their technical support team is like one guy with a swivel chair, 3 keyboards a screwdriver and a Windows 2003 Server Bible!! Personally..........I'd like to see the moderator of the board (publisher) at least register their company in Paulding County...but who am I!! ) Administrative Contact : Hughes, G Patton neomax@NEOMAX.COM 670 LOWELL DR SW MARIETTA, GA 30008-3771 US Phone: 770-425-5829 Fax: 770-425-5829 (Information is public knowledge and can be reviewed by anyone with a computer, internet connection and a brain). (http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp?domain=paulding.com).
  14. Did anyone catch any traffic on the 10-80 in Hiram yesterday evening around 2000hrs? Silver Cadillac being driven by a 20's something white male. At least 8 units responded in front of Wal-Mart on Hwy 278. The guy nearly side swipped me coming up on my tail end at around 80mph. He fish tailed around the corner behind Ryan's restaurant and probably made it out of there. I didnt' see what happened afterwards, but was hoping someone caught it to see if the little punk was taken into custody.
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