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  1. I'm guessing that if the witnesses were prosecuted for perjury, then that would be an admission by the prosecutor that the testimony used to obtain a conviction was bogus, therefore handing the defense all they'd need to get the conviction overturned. It would be an admission of a mistake, and our justice system has some issues when it comes to admitting mistakes.
  2. Supposedly there are riot police on standby in downtown Savannah. Not sure if that's true, but pretty much everyone I know (myself included) decided that this would be a good night to stay home.
  3. Ah, Savannah during hurricane season...lots of time spent going from website to website looking for updates, checking to make sure we have plenty of water, batteries, etc, on hand...and losing count of how many times the folks on the news remind us we are overdue because we haven't been hit since 1979... I won't relax completely until Irene actually passes us by...the track was shifted to the east because a system is supposed to develop on the east coast that would make it turn Northwest & then north...but that's not supposed to happen until Thursday. If it develops later, or is weaker than expected..well... If she does just blow by, and all we get is wind & rain, well...sounds like a good excuse for a dock party stormpulse.com has all the pretty spaghetti models and maps too...
  4. Aveda anti-humectant pomade is an absolute lifesaver. I have naturally curly/wavy thin, fine, dry hair. I have tried pretty much everything you can think of, and this is the only thing that has ever worked. Only need a tiny bit at a time, a $19 jar lasts me 6 months.
  5. yep. past few afternoons it's been the same old thing - sky gets dark, thunder rumbles, wind picks up, maybe even a lightning bolt or 2, everybody picks up what they're doing and hurries inside...and then the sun comes out I am so tired of dragging the hose & sprinkler all over this yard...
  6. Although I am happy to be living back home in Savannah, leaving Paulding wasn't something I chose to do and would still be there if it had been possible for me. I still come to the site to find out what's going on up there, not only because I am curious (and maybe even a bit nosy ), but because when I do get to come back to visit, I don't feel so much like a visitor because I've been able to keep up with what's going on...
  7. Thank goodness for PCom, I'm down here on the coast glued to it & facebook since last night to get word on how everyone fared up there. Glad to know that Paulding dodged the worst of it and everyone is safe. Found out this morning that my next door neighbor's daughter was thisclose to being caught up in the Ringgold tornado, she was driving a Uhaul down from Nashville and had a flat tire right after she passed the exit that was hit so hard and made it to the next exit before pulling off the interstate. Right as she was pulling off the tornado came through. If the flat had happened one or 2 minutes earlier she would have been right in the bullseye.
  8. found mine at an antique store, paid way less for it than I would have at a regular store. Fresh coat of paint & it was as good as new.
  9. I got a nice tan walking in the parade, then on River Street the next day...I bet Tybee was packed!
  10. Oh yeah, definitely don't forget those! Make sure you get the right kind for whatever kind of stripper you use. It should tell you on the back of the package what what chemicals the gloves in the package will protect you from. A pair of goggles would be a good idea, too...
  11. Definitely go with stripper first (not paint thinner, you'll be there forever ) and get a good metal paint scraper and go at it. Once you've gotten all you can, sand off the rest. If you think you are going to be restoring any other furniture at any point, invest in a handheld finishing sander (I paid $30 for one at Home Depot, best $30 I've spent in a long time) or borrow one if you can. Your muscles will thank you!
  12. Provigil kept me awake for 3 days, too...but without the energy to actually make good use of all that awake time. Since Nuvigil is basically a longer-acting version of Provigil, heaven only knows how long I would have been awake if I'd taken it Provigil & Nuvigil have been Godsends for many, many people, but like any drug it isn't going to work the same for everyone. I have narcolepsy. Since I was diagnosed 20 years ago a handful of new drugs have come out that have worked wonders for so many people, and I've tried them all. I'm still on the same prescription regimen I started with 20 years ago. After the last one (Xyrem) made me sleepwalk and sleep eat (and flush enough junk down the toilet I had to call a plumber ), I told the doc I was done with the trying new things I do hope it works for you, though. Sleep disorders are a pain in the arse
  13. remember the red-head in the convertible who used to pick Gibbs up or drop him off in the first season? She's Sean Murray's mother. Mark Harmon is and has always been a beautiful specimen of a man. Have had a thing for Michael Weatherly since he was on "Dark Angel". A friend's 7 year old daughter absolutely idolizes Ziva (she has a little trouble with the name, though. She calls her Zebra). She told her mom she couldn't miss the show one night when they were out late, because "I have to learn how to talk funny so I can be like Zebra when I grow up" David McCallum will always be Ilya Kuryakin to me, and I think he looks pretty good to be nearly 80 years old, eh?
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