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  1. Pcom is a great source of information, especially in times like this. For years now, pcommers have come together, worked together, helped each other out, supported each other, and made a difference in the lives of many people (pcommer & non-pcommers). For years now, pcom has been an excellent source for information such as local traffic alerts, local news, local events, local fundraisers, and so more much. For years now, pcom has welcomed newcomers to the area, been the source of new friendships to develope, and has found homes for countless pets, and so much more.
  2. Welcome to all the Newbies aboard pcom. Glad you have joined pcom, a great place to find all the local information you could ever need, and then some. Pubby and LPPT are working hard at making pcom provides any and all information needed to everyone. Same goes for all the pcom staff, mods, and all pcommers in general. We posted in another thread... If anyone out there needs any immediate help at their home as far as repairs, advice, temp or perm fixes, and so on, please call us, as Steve is happy to come out and do whatever he can for you at no charge. Just want to help however we can
  3. Thank you MommaS, RetiredTeacher, and Happy. Your kind comments are so very appreciated. Steve and I (Nemie) believe in helping our community in whatever ways possible. We always have believed in working and helping others whenever and wherever possible, whether it be people or pets. We have been on both ends of giving/helping and receiving help ourselves. If anyone needs any kind of help right now, call us. Steve is more than willing to put his labor efforts to work for anyone in need. Call us at 678 567 5198 or at 678 591 4702. Don't hesstitate to call. Steve can do most anyt
  4. Had some typos in original post, oops, and hope I got them all corrected. (me, Nemie typed the post in a hurry for Steve). Seriously though, Steve really wants to help people out however he can. So give him a call.
  5. I am here to help whoever needs it ! so call me if you have anything URGENT that needs to be done so that you can remain or get back in your house right away. Call/Contact me, Steve at 678 591 4702. Many of you know me, and I am just under a new name for now in order to help people. (thanks Pubby & LPPT for helping me on this) When it comes to the real work, the repairs, the remodels, please contact me, as I will be available to d.o all this work, charging a very very low labor price to all pcommers. Just say you read about this on pcom. I have 34 years experience in constructio
  6. If you send me a picture with measurements of your feeder, I can design a cabinet to fit over it. Thank You. steve
  7. Thank You all for the comments, I have just seen these pictures the cat seems to like his little perch, I enjoyed making this one. Steve
  8. Thanks to all that came out this weekend to see us and buy the lemonade,The children that sold the lemonade were very nice children it was a pleasure having them there. Steve
  9. Would be great to see you and chat a bit. Please do try to drop by and see us and all the other vendors there. It will be like a Mini Craft show, sort of. Hope to see you this weekend. Nemie
  10. Just to inform everyone, We will be open daily from 10am, We also have all the pet feeders there and new designs of feeders will be there also, We had quite a few people stop by today which we did not expect. Please feel free to stop and say hello if you are passing, Thanks steve
  11. I am still laughing at myself. Knowing I can't type right half the time. Steve actually told me about it today and I meant to go back and correct it, but I never did, ooppss I should have. Too funny on myself. Well I guess I will go correct it now. Nemie
  12. Our Tax season special daily rate is back for 2009. Give us call and schedule your day(s). Handyman Daily Rate Special For all Handyman Services Labor Only $209.00 a day 1/1/09 to 4/15/09 Get your list prepared and give us a call to schedule your day(s). This is a great daily rate for all handyman services. Time to get all those little things done around your house. This covers a huge amount of things, but if your not sure send me a PM.
  13. looks very nice, good workmanship, you do nice work. steve
  14. Last year our Tax Season "Handyman Daily Rate Special' was such a big succes that we are bringing it back again this year. It is a great way for you to get all those things done around your home. Just make your list and give us a call to schedule your day(s). 2009 TAX SEASON HANDYMAN DAILY SPECIAL $209.00 a Day Labor Only Call us and schedule your day(s) now. Website: Handy-Hubby Home Improvement Services
  15. some very good names,it will be hard to decide steve
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