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  1. She wasn't pulled over. She was involved in a fender bender in a parking lot and she called the police. The guy she was with started acting like an idiot when the other driver involved denied causing the damage. An officer was attempting to arrest the guy she was with and she protested. Another officer came up and told her to get down on the ground. She can be heard saying several times that she didn't want to lay on her stomach since she was pregnant. They used the taser because she wouldn't get down on her stomach. The video is posted on here somewhere...but I don't know if it was in this thread or another one.
  2. When my husband (who is in I.T.) saw the lesson that's the first thing he mentioned. "Man, I hope those kids don't go into programming with that mindset or they will be so confused."
  3. My 5th graders brought similar math problems home today. They explained that they are learning to use all three kinds of brackets, but they call them parenthesis, brackets, and braces. I don't see the need, but what really confused me today was the way one son was writing the { } symbols. He draws the ending } as "3" so the problems really made no sense until I figured out what he was doing.
  4. Deadly force is allowed in cases of fleeing suspects, but in a very limited way. If the officer had cause to believe that the suspect was an immediate danger to others and likely to cause serious harm or death to anyone, deadly force can be employed even if the suspect is running away. With the limited information available, it does not seem to be the case in this situation...but then again, none of us know what exactly happened when the young man was in the back of the police car. I think it should be investigated fully, but I just don't understand the mentality behind rioting in response to perceived injustice.
  5. I think that they will eventually lessen the charges against the dad. The news explained the felony murder charge as being mandatory anytime it follows a cruelty to children charge, regardless of intent but based only on negligence. As for his routine being off as a reason for overlooking the child in the car...the news said he was supposed to drop the child off at the daycare at his place of employment. That would imply that taking the little boy to daycare was a regular routine for him.
  6. http://www.paulding.gov/index.aspx?NID=646 You're welcome. Here's the link I went to in case you need any more info.
  7. The county website lists it as 1.25 miles, but I don't know if that includes the walk back to the parking lot where you start or the bisecting paths that go back up between the soccer fields.
  8. One driver just said that two of his students opened the emergency exit and got off the bus.
  9. I'm not sure, sorry. The dispatcher came on and listed all of the calls they had very quickly at the time. The only specific mention of Bill Carruth that I caught was about 278 at Bill Carruth.
  10. This is a small portion of the wrecks they just called out on the scanner. I could only catch every third road name. harmony church 120/92 pace rd 61/pine shadows metromont rd glen eagle's way goldmine rd hiram sudie 120/101 bakers bridge rd scoggins rd mulberry rock rd corn store rd dallas nebo rd
  11. The scanner just said that Brownsville Rd just past Tidwell going towards 92 is very icy and they just cleared an accident there.
  12. Thunder Zone Looks like it will be similar to Stars and Strikes. On their website is a link to their facebook page. They say that applications will be accepted starting in early February.
  13. Florida has both charges. Their aggravated assault definition specifically includes the lack of intent to kill.
  14. She wasn't charged with attempted murder. She was charged with aggravated assault and the mandatory sentencing laws in Florida specify a 20 year sentence if a gun is fired during the commission of a crime. If the prosecution was able to prove that she committed the crime and her defense team could not convince the jury that she was defending herself they had no choice but to find her guilty and then there was no choice in the length of sentence.
  15. I recently wrote a paper on the subject for a Constitutional Law class. This is the information that I found that pertains to these types of searches without warrants. In most cases a search warrant is needed for intrusive bodily searches. Such searches involve penetrating the body's surface, taking fluid or hair samples, or manual inspections of cavities. There are some circumstances that negate the need for a search warrant even in these invasive searches. If a delay of the search could cause the evidence to be destroyed, then the search can be conducted without violating the Fourth Amendment. Common examples of this type of exigent circumstances in relation to warrantless searches are the taking of bodily fluids to test for alcohol intoxication, swabbing residue from a suspect's skin, and reaching into a suspect's mouth to prevent evidence from being swallowed.
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