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Adventures of Paulding Pinks Clubhouse Sign

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my name is Christopher Morgan and im an aviation ordnanceman 2nd class serving abooard the USS JOHN C. STENNIS. we are curently over seas serving in operation iraqi freedom and operation enduring freedom. my mother sent me a link to this website a while back. im from paulding county and when i saw this picture i thought you might want to know what those big steel things are. well.... i dont know if anyone else has commented on this but they are old bombs. they could be 250, or 500 pound bombs. and the yellow band around the nose means they are live. so be careful. i would like to know where you found them. this is kind of interesting considering people just dont find these laying around anywhere. or atleast no where i know of. i hope i could be of some help if you didnt know what they were. if i did help you can email me if you have anymore questions and ill let you know more about them. my email address is christopher.morgan@cvn74.navy.mil just let me know that your emailing about the pic.

hope i was of some help,


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