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I just made my donation through PayPal.  I had thought about $20, but God has laid $50 on my heart.  I know this still isn't much, but I hope it helps.


I still pray that the Holy Spirit will bring comfort and peace for Ta Ta's mother.  God Be with this Family.


Thank you so much, every bit helps. God will reward you for this.

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I'm sure this sounds stupid, but because i just joined this site a day ago, i am not sure of what you all mean when you say "bump".


if you could tell me, that would really clear up my confusion.  :p


thanks! :D


When you post, it goes to the front of the topic pages. By bumping or posting, this keeps it on the 1st page so everyone can see it.


Wow, you folks have been busy today. I'm just getting back in. It's been a lonnnngggggg day. :closedeyes:

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