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I made some of the best friendships of my life.

I met a lot of awesome people

I learned so much

I saw so many people helped

I learned about my community

I had endless hours of fun

It was always better than tv

I could reach out for laughs, companionship.

You could find a lunch buddy in 5 minutes

You could avoid a traffic jam

I remember hours of jamming to music videos with endless glasses of wine.

You could pull together a peep party in days.

We had so much fun on here.

We did share some tragedies along the way.

We lost some great folks

Over all it was great, it was fun and I miss it at times as do many who loved to come here for the good.

I wish we would have followed the rules of polite society because we would still have had a treasure.

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One of the best friends I made was Johnny J. We had so much fun. He road shotgun with me to so many things. He went with me to cover a lot of stories. There were a lot of networking events he went to after hours to help. Not many people knew the full extent of what I went through with the Lyme disease. I had it for 10 years. I had serious relapses. It effected my vision, my cognitive abilities and I was often in pain. He would often help me when posting. Sometimes I still to this day can not identify a misspelled word or when I leave out words that would sometimes change the meaning of what I was trying to say. I remember when he shared the post on here of the little white chi that is Katy. I dropped everything to go get her. 

Johnny J said she was the first dog that ever liked him. She was the first dog my dad every liked. I lost JohnnyJ. and my dad so close together.

I basically lost the p,com that I knew soon after also.

I still have great friends I made on here. Some moved away, more have passed away. I still believe in the goodness of many in Paulding county. A lot of really good hearted people here.

Katy is still my best bud, she is in heart failure but we hope to have her another year,



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Your little ones look adorable! 

September 13 last year I had to help my little companion pass without futher pain. Angelina also had heart failure. I called her Angel. My husband found her at an outdoor market in Breman. 

My grandson Ashton had passed the previous month from the injuries he received in the car accident that took his brother and uncle the year before. My heart was broken and my arms empty. Angel had been my constant companion since 2009.

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Katy is the one in heart failure. Still as cute and sweet as ever. Maddy the manx cat just walked away one day and never came back. About 2 years ago we lost 5 pets in one year all from old age. I great pyr died of prostate cancer suddenly that year.

Not sure about any more.

I say that but there was a stray puppy in the garbage on the porch 2 nights ago, emaciated with a shock collar imbedded in his neck. He is a coon dog around 6 months old. I am going to rehome him. He is super well behaved, I just dont want another big dog or a working dog which he is.


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