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Paulding EMA announces CodeRED weather hazard alert

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Paulding County CodeRED Weather Warning and Mass Notification System Information


In an emergency, citizens must be provided and updated with accurate information. Paulding County’s solution for this need is CodeRED weather warning and mass notification system. CodeRED Weather Warnings automatically deliver advanced notification of severe weather events as soon as a Warning is issued by the National Weather Service (NWS). Once an account is created, CodeRED delivers voice calls, text messages and emails to subscribed users within the direct path of the storm. These messages aim to provide residents the extra time needed to take precautions and save lives. Weather alert warnings may include tornado, severe thunderstorm, flash flood, and winter storm warnings. Paulding County EMA also utilizes CodeRED to provide Paulding County citizens with information regarding other critical incidents, such as: hazardous materials accidents, missing persons, public health statements such as boil water advisories, and air quality issues. The goal of these notifications is to prompt citizens to take recommended actions to protect life and property.   


CodeRED Weather Warnings are automatically issued using a polygon methodology to interpret alerts issued by the National Weather Service to determine the exact areas affected. The system then creates a calling database of all CodeRED Weather Warning subscribers within the projected path of severe weather. Instead of traditional county-based warning systems, such as outdoor sirens which are antiquated and costly to maintain, CodeRED sends alerts to only those users whose addresses entered on their account may be affected. This increases the relevance of the alerts being sent and reduces false alarms. With this being the case, any address changes made should also be updated in the CodeRED system. 


Paulding County EMA encourages every Paulding County citizen to create an account for their home, business, child's school/daycare, whatever the case may be so that they may receive weather warnings promptly and be able to take action to keep themselves and their family safe.




There are a couple of simple options to quickly enroll:

1.       Click the link below and follow the steps.



2.       From a cell phone, text MyPauldingGA to 99411 to receive a direct link to the enrollment form on the mobile device.


Attached you will find a flyer with more detailed information regarding the enrollment process.


Once enrolled, you will begin receiving CodeRED calls from the following numbers:

CodeRED Weather Warnings – 1-800-566-9780

CodeRED Emergency Notifications – 1-866-419-5000

CodeRED General Notifications – 1-855-959-4636


Paulding County EMA recommends that citizens have at least 2 ways to receive emergency alerts, such as CodeRED, All-Hazards NOAA Weather Radio, and trusted weather alerting apps.

Please feel free to share with any Paulding County resident who you believe may be able to benefit from this information and don’t hesitate to reach out to Paulding County EMA if you experience any issues with the enrollment process.

Paulding County CodeRED Information.pdf 133817038_CodeRED_Resident_Flyer_CNE_PRESS_withtexttooptin.pdf Paulding County CodeRED FAQs.pdf

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