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Hackers Tried to Poison Water Supply...What does Paulding County H2O have in place to protect it’s citizens from contaminated water?

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Our neighbors to the south have had to deal with cyber security on their water source!  

Oldsmar Florida Barely has 15,000 residents, I wonder what Paulding County Georgia H2O had in place to protect our

residents? 🤓🤓🤓🤓

The rest of the story here! 🙏🏻❤️😇🌴👍🏻







‘Dangerous Stuff’: Hackers Tried to Poison Water Supply of Florida Town

For years, cybersecurity experts have warned of attacks on small municipal systems. In Oldsmar, Fla., the levels of lye were changed and could have sickened residents.

“This is dangerous stuff,” Sheriff Bob Gualtieri of Pinellas County said at a news conference Monday of hackers who remotely accessed the City of Oldsmar’s water supply system and changed the levels of lye.
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If you want the unvarnished truth; we are all vulnerable all the time to a whole host of threats from viral infections to random acts of violence. 

The good news is that society, when it works and every one is working together, tends to minimize the risks.  Regulations that require things like sprinkler's in garages or guard rails along highways are all designed to minimize the risk of injury, property loss and death.

Most of the time, most reasonable people cooperate to act 'civilized' by being basically civil. 

In the case of Paulding's water, the factors in our favor is that the equipment and standards of operation are relatively new so there is little to no likelihood that they're dealing with extra-hackable Win 98 software and there a presumably a lot of other potential 'targets' for this kind of terror. 

But the primary reason we don't kill each other all the time with relish is because such acts of violence offends the common sense and decency on which religion and morality is based. Unfortunately, some folks, even when they have religion, seem to be lacking in common sense and decency. 

But that is only a problem if these folks start acting out. Usually they don't; at least until they're excited because they were incited. 

Said differently, I don't think anyone, other than maybe some right-wing loons to our northwest figure Paulding's too suburban (aka: liberal) for the ultra-conservative balance of the 14th District.  


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