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Wow those are some heavy words!!!



you you hear it all around you?!?!?!



oh I do... I believe if you are honest with yourself you hear it too! :good:


my question to you is what do you hear/here during the day, honestly , on what you are called to do

and I’m talking about through the Holy Spirit.


it is amazing Lord on when you ask people to join in conversation with you.


You being, whoever is reading this I’m talking about GOD, You and Me.


PEOPLE think I'm CrAzY 8P


You see my friends have you ever heard of the saying me, myself and I?


as I was listening to both of these gentlemen preach the word today

on January 17, 2021 it is absolutely amazing they both are saying the same things.

We have to get out of our comfort zone... one said, draw a line in the sand.


The other one said, He in one day almost had 4 fist fights but he went home without a blackeye!


No, it is not what you think or is it?!?!?


You see, my Brothers, we all think alike more than we would like to admit! 🙏🏻❤️

Blessings, on this 17th day of January,2021 

our Lord and Savior has given us!







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