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Rev. Graham: 'Pray That God' Will 'Spare Our Nation From the Evil That is Before Us'


Read The Rest of the Story Here! :good:





IMHO, I Believe We are in the Same Boat...Anyone else in the boat with you with you?  :wub:






it truly will not affect you either way as to who is at the helm of your earthly boat however your spiritual boat it truly matters!



and there in lies the answer...



God bless you and your family in 2021!





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Say what you will about President Trump, but he's been the most Christian friendly, and really most religion friendly in general,  president this country has had in many years. We could discuss his own beliefs and moralities all day, but his actions said he supported religious liberty 100%. And in spite of his statements from years ago, he's been staunchly pro-life.

JMO, but I fear that the incoming administration will be more hostile to religion. Time will tell.

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