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Does Biden Really Expect TRUMP Not to EXERCISE "OUR" Your's Mine and "OUR's"

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While I do LOVE Animals... I Believe if the SHOE were on the other foot... it would be the SAME Movie...





yours mine and ours.jpg








It really blows my mind how the main stream news media is condemning Trump for not conceding.

so the goal of this post is to have a calm rational discussion with your fellow neighbor and our Heavenly Father.




I wonder who will play and I wonder who will stay away.


Blessings to all who read this from the bottom of my heart.











The champ in this picture BELOW

be chillin... 😎


A9DABCA9-8662-4628-B8C7-900E7ECEA9B9.jpeg  They Tell Me CHAMP is the DOG! :rofl:






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