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9 hours ago, Foxmeister said:

All lives can matter and should matter.

 Absolutely won’t hear anything different from me that’s what that thing says that I shared for the young lady who organized 

 The protest at Taylor Farm Park on June 6 .


I just added a a biblical verse to it multiple biblical verses in different formats .


 The church gave me the genesis one but I actually like this one better !





 Actually they All are good  Bible verses!



 Who am I to argue with a 2000+ year old book just like with Ms Jessie when she told me that GOD told her to stand alongside the roadway and preach to people,who am I to judge her?!?!


 No way no how ! 🤪🙏🏻❤️

 I pray you and your family are all healthy, we’re getting ready to have some Paulding.com facemask made up do you know any local businesses that would like to be on the mask I think we will have  room for seven logos on each face mask .


 I will let you know the pricing in the next couple of days I will start a thread on it I’ve been wide open my friend again I pray you and your family are all healthy and good to hear from you thank you for taking the time to make an entry  Here  Paulding.com 

 Peace be with you brother 



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