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I do this twice a week !!!!



 There is no way that you can ever tell me that this dog does not shed!


 But then again there are a lot of people that think that Jesus  never really walked this earth let alone is this son of God



 And to think I was worried about this dog going bald what do you think????


 I think I need to vacuum more behind the refrigerator so that the life of  The refrigerator is enhanced !


  Sort of like cleaning the shower drain because it clogs if you have people with long hair taking showers!


  I pray you and your family are all healthy during this pandemic today is May 31, 2020 







 Waiting patiently for me to finish watering the plants wondering if I’m going to have a hotdog roast because she always gets a hotdog or hamburger when I cook !



 She reminds me of Snoopy she finally got to roll around in the grass !!!




 I do this twice a week in the kitchen area where She stays!




 Oh my gosh there’s more at the end of the dirt devil 😉🥺



 Anybody else ever use one of these these dirt devils are really handy especially if you have tile floor or wood floor and you have dogs!




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