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Anybody else's water bill...

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gone up for month of May?  Got my bill in the mail today and well it's gone up alot. Thought I would ask some folks on here before I fret that I have a water leak😒

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Yes, MINE DOUBLED!!!!!!!


I called, and the nice Lady @ 770-222-6868

walked me through what to do...

when EVERYONE is OUT of your home... go look @ the METER and the last NUMBER on the right

if it is MOVING.... then you have a LEAK on your side.


According to the Nice Lady at the Paulding county water Dept. :good:


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There was an issue at our Rental house and was told that it was on the “property” side of the meter. A couple of days afterwards, we just so happen to ride by and saw a water fountain coming out of the ground right by the meter. Three days later there was a new meter being installed. It was NOT on the property owner side!!!  This was the second New Water Meter that had been installed within a 1-2 yr period. 

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