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Email Spam from Paulding.com


I have received three separate emails in the last three hours from Paulding.com telling me to text GRASS  to 21000. I unsubscribed when the first one came in but I've received two more. How can I get this to stop? I don't know what this is, if it's SPAM. If it's legitimate. I do know I don't like it. 

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I started getting notices from my server software alerting me to the rapid sending of email (presumably spam).

I've disabled the 'vision@paulding.com' email account which is used to send notices to folks. Some other email that bounced back (other than the text grass statement) was to bad emails where the former member was interested in the obits posted on the site.

Notably, I'm guessing today was the day that greener grass pulled the big push because the act "spammed" pcom itself as the list he sent had 5000 bounces (bad emails).

As you folks know, last summer I gave up management of the site and turned it over to the local businessmen.   So, while we allowed the board to automatically email folks notices, when I was in charge I refrained from any mass email campaigns.

So let me say the new management will need to ask me to open up the email port as it is a server-level adjustment that was made. Beyond that, if you are used to getting notifications, you may not be notified.

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We can remove your membership but as a general rule we have never excised ANY former member's comments/posts.  Usually, folks just leave if they wish. You do have some options; you can remove your graphic ID and change your posting name.

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10 hours ago, MarkPalm said:

I'd like to know how to completely delete my account? I can't find a place to do it. 


 It would be our pleasure to delete your account from ever existing on this platform if you choose.

  But if you choose for us to do that please request it from the SUPPORT Tab on the top of the page  so we have your permission,  can’t be too careful in today’s climate , we don’t want people To THINK that PAULDING.com arbitrarily deletes peoples accounts .


 I have enclosed a screenshot of what your email looks like  that you received by mistake .


either unsubscribe (Takes about 24 hours to register)  or send a SUPPORT Ticket requesting

 For us to delete your account forever on this platform


blessings to you and your family 






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