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ALPACA Selfie Saturday April 4th at a Piece of HEAVEN Dallas Georgia

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APRIL 4th at a PIECE of HEAVEN in Dallas Georgia!

Details Below...

COST IS $3 (cash only)

I do believe this is the FIRST TIME EVER a person could come get a super yummy cake and speciality coffee AND PET, FEED, AND GET A SELFIE WITH AN ALPACA in one place!! Y’all we cannot stand all the adorable stuffed into these alpacas. Our friends at L&R Alpaca Haven Farm are coming to visit!
BRING YOUR KIDS. BRING YOUR FRIENDS. BRING $3 (cash) and get yourself a new profile picture AND feed these gentle darlings!! Use hashtag #alpacacake and tag us and the farm when you post!
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Some friends of mine raise Alpaca and have for years. They have many awards from shows that they have won.

We had a ministry Christmas Party at their house and we went out and visited with the animals.  It was pretty neat. 

This event seems like it would be fun!

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