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Please Help "US" Save a Paulding County Neighbor's LIFE!

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Please Help "US" Save a Paulding County Neighbor's LIFE!


Please, if you live in Paulding County Georgia PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE

Spread the WORD! We currently have a "Wrecked Display" @ Hw. 92 & Antioch Rd

in Dallas Georgia. Here Is the LINK from the story 16 Years ago that started it all. ENJOY!


We need 4 more LOCATIONS in Paulding County to erect other Displays...

can you POST where you believe one of these displays would benefit fellow

Paulding Countians!


Blessings to ALL who read this and PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to SPREAD the WORD!



Here are some more pictures of

the 2020  Wrecked  display being erected to save a fellow Paulding County Neighbors life campaign!













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