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1 hour ago, The Sound Guy said:

It's a pain to change twice a year, but I think people will regret it around here when it gets dark at 8:00 on July 4th or kids are going to school in pitch black dark at 7:00 am, depending on which way they pick as "standard". 


I feel you on the FIREWORKS!  When I went to school we had the entire SUMMER off too! :good:



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9 hours ago, rednekkhikkchikk said:

I love the long days in summer, but if it puts an end to darkness at 5:30 pm in December, I could probably learn to live with it.





I reached out to Mr. Gravely, here is his response...

Micah Gravley Curt Carlin, I am taking my response from the other post to answer here as well. Last year 2 bills were introduced on the same day the week after the time change of 2019 #SpringForward. House Bill 628 would keep Georgia on Standard Time year round. House Bill 630 would keep Georgia on Daylight Saving Time year round, pending congressional authorization, which is needed to have longer daylight evenings.

Members of the General Assembly from all over the state have heard from constituents asking the legislature to move on choosing one or the other. Rep. Cantrell conducted a non-scientific, informal social media poll with over 1000 people responding with around 90% responding to eliminate #SpringForward & #FallBack and stick with either standard time or DST.

Additionally, when asked to choose between standard time year round & DST year round, around 70% of respondents prefer DST year round.

I personally would prefer Daylight Saving Time year round. Here are a few basic reasons:
1. More sunlight in the evening increases recreation and exercise, health reports indicate. It’s also good for youth sports. People prefer to exercise & recreate in the daylight. It also has a positive affect on the economy. People prefer to shop in the daylight. The stock market has historically shown a negative trend on the Monday following time change in either direction.
2. Fewer car accidents. The majority of car accidents occur between ‪6p-9p‬ in the evening/dark. One more hour of daylight in the evening could mitigate this somewhat.
3. Study indicate a reduction in crime. Criminals enjoy the cover of darkness, especially juvenile offenders just after dark.
4. Energy Savings. Though minimum, studies show some energy savings (between 3% & 4%) when there is more daylight in the evenings. This was actually the original purpose of DST.
5. University of Colorado researchers found a 6% increase in fatal car accidents in the week following #SpringForward.
6. Contrast that with a University of Michigan study which revealed a spike in pedestrians being hit by cars in the week after #FallBack. Drivers who were accustomed to driving home from work in the daylight have difficulty adjusting to immediately making their commute home in the dark and did not notice pedestrians who were now walking in the dark instead of daylight.
7. Improved Sleep. The switching back & forth wrecks havoc on sleep patterns, especially in children. Educators have expressed frustration regarding the time that it takes (2 weeks) for children to adjust each time the time changes in either direction.
8. Heart attacks increase 24% in the week following “springing forward.”
Some practical things to consider as you decide where you stand on this issue: (courtesy of my friend Adam Dean who works at the Weather Channel)
1. Standard Time year round would mean the earliest sunset would be ‪5:28p‬ ‪from Nov 30-Dec 9.‬ The latest sunset would be ‪7:52p‬ ‪from June 26-July 3.‬ Earliest sunrise would be ‪5:26a‬ ‪June 6-19.‬ Latest sunrise would be ‪7:43a‬ Jan 6-10.
2. Daylight Saving Time year round would mean earliest sunset would be ‪6:28p‬ ‪from Nov 30-Dec 9.‬ The latest sunset would be ‪8:52p‬ from June ‪26-July‬ Earliest sunrise would be ‪6:26a‬ ‪June 6-19.‬ Latest sunrise would be ‪8:43a‬ Jan 6-10. (These stats are for Atlanta specifically)
3. Since DST starts on the second Sunday in March and ends the first Sunday in November, we are already in DST one week shy of 8 months of the year.
4. South Carolina & Florida have already passed legislation which would keep them in DST year round pending congressional authorization.
Rep. Cantrell has also introduced House Bill 709. (Which I am cosmos prong with him) This bill would provide for a non-binding referendum on the ballot this fall so Georgia voters could formally express their preference on this issue. The goal is to allow Georgians to choose how they would like to move forward when it comes to time change. I am working to get the following question on the ballot next year in a non-binding referendum.

Vote for only one.
1. Option No 1. The state shall continue to observe the current system of switching between standard time and daylight saving time twice a year.
2. Option No 2. The state shall not observe daylight saving time.
3. Option No 3. The state shall observe daylight saving time year round, if authorized by Congress.

Some have concerns about this option because it would be the first time for a non-binding referendum to be on the general election ballot. The only other non-binding referendum to ever be on a ballot in Georgia concerned voters’ preference for the design of the new state flag in 2003. This referendum was included on the presidential primary ballot.

While I believe that legislators are elected to make these kind of decisions for our state, I also recognize that this issue specifically seems to warrant an immediate response from Georgia voters, so they ought to have a say.

After allowing Georgia voters to express their preference, our intention would be to introduce a bill which reflected their desires in the 2021 session.

This website has more research than you ever wanted to know about the issue and why we need to stop springing forward and falling back (https://www.sco.tt/time/research.html)
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10 hours ago, rednekkhikkchikk said:

I imagine standard time year-round would be terrible for anyone who suffers from seasonal depression during the late fall and winter months. 



Probably why the powers to be are putting it to STATE VOTE!

From what I heard at the 1.18.2020  Meeting in Dallas

Both sides of the GOLD Dome will give and take this year to work together

and no concession from either side on GAMBLING or FLOWER

IMHO OIL and Flower would Benefit the MASSES medically speaking.



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