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From the moment of the invocation that was given by Mrs. Defoor to the announcement of Ivanka T R U M P "s


 affiliation to the human trafficking safe Haven we now have in Paulding(not sure I should say where it is as I can’t remember if they were going to keep it up under the radar for obvious reasons or not) :hi:


 All the way to the moment of silence for all children that go through an Amber alert because an Amber alert went off during the meeting.

(it was amazing to hear all the cell phones going off simultaneously, imagine what seemed to be 50+ cell phones all at the same time chiming in the amber alert!)

That was the proof in the pudding to show you that we all try to stay connected to what’s going on in our community and our surroundings! (I truly wish the meeting was videotaped as you could see what I was talking about it was amazing) also for the child that was in the accident that happened not a stones throw away from the Republican meeting on January 18, 2020 (try to get an update this past week however I could not accomplish that)  I pray everyone recovered from the  accident.



and finally I truly hope I was picking up what Mr. Dugan and Mr. Gravley we’re throwing down.

at least I believe I was picking up their vibe, cannabis oil  and flower, definitely no gambling on the agenda this year from both sides  of the state capital as they are truly putting every Georgians medical needs first and foremost 🙏🏻❤️😇




To this Paulding County resident 

It was absolutely amazing to not only see with my own eyes but feel in my heart all of the genuineness of everyone in that room and the love that they have for their Savior and fellow man!


truly thankful we have leaders that take to heart the same principles that our founding fathers laid down! :good:


Oh, how can I forget the mad 60 seconds! that’s where all the candidates get to introduce themselves and from dialogue on other websites I see why they now call it the mad 60 seconds!


Hope they make PAULDING.com their NEW Home! :hi:


ps. if you were there PLEASE chime in with additional photos and INFO!  :good:


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