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PAULDING COUNTY Paulding.com Weight Watchers Tips & recipes !

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 For those of you that I do not break bread with every day or talk on the telephone at least once a week or for that matter once every six months ...  like the Ghostbusters theme... there’s something GOOD going on around here! ❤️


    So far I have lost close to 35 pounds and it is really easy when everybody in your inner circle participates.


 I talk to people all the time that say oh, if I only knew what to cook! 



so here’s a meal that I made tonight which consist of three points for 3 quarts of my  WORLD famous turkey chili! :good:


 Prep time 10 minutes cook time 12 minutes for a total of 25 minutes and that’s counting washing the dishes Baja ha ha :rofl:







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