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United Wins! Braves Win! Falcons.... well, are the Falcons.

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Atlanta United looked good, glad to have Josef Martínez back on the field.  On to the Playoffs!

The Braves had me worried, but came back like the Braves of Old!  Up 2-1 on the Cards.

The Falcons.... dang.  How can team with so much talent do so poorly?    I may have to become a Saints fan. They are winning with their backup quarterback.   Quinn taking over the Defense hasn't seemed to much good either.  Do we need to start a pool on when he's gone? 

The US Women's National Soccer Team tied South Korea as well.   

Busy Sports day. 

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Braves game was a nail biter very exciting ending. Hopefully the mojo will carry on today. Falcons are awful, have always been awful. King Arthur says he is not even considering a coaching change. Have not gotten into Atlanta United yet even though I played varsity high school and rec soccer. They seem to be a winning franchise so good luck to them. Go Braves, Go Dawgs, Go Atlanta United, whatever Falcons.

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