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The irony

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I just had to share this. A company with the word as in it's name takes issue with a picture of a prospective employee having a bikini picture on her Instagram. They not how unprofessional it is to have a picture like that on her account.

Try walking into a church and telling them you have found them a marketing company with kickass as part of their company name.


But as she was scrolling through the company's Instagram story, Clow said she saw a photo of herself in a red two-piece bathing suit with a warning message to potential applicants.

"PSA (because I know some of you applicants are looking at this) do not share your social media with a potential employer if this is the kind of content on it. I am looking for a professional marketer - not a bikini model," it read.

Another message on the photo read: "Go on with your bad self and do whatever in private. But this is not doing you any favors in finding a professional job."

Kickass Masterminds describes itself as a consulting firm that specializes in "rigorously curated and professionally facilitated structured mastermind groups."


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