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Recession warnings

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The bond market flashes a recession warning

While the economy is still growing, economists say a downturn could be months away

Here is a link about the possibility of a recession. A subject that I would like to discuss without going into partisan politics and having a nasty discussion on Paulding.com. If that is not possible please make my thread invisible.


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I remember the last recession and how sad it was. Many of my friends lost their jobs or a spouse did. No more dinners out, lunches, shopping. Everyone tightened their belt. Many lost businesses and homes. I don't think many ever recovered emotionally from it.

I just don't think our generation has felt truly financially secure since.

We are not going without, but our expenses especially insurance right now are so high that a reduction in income is a scary thought.

I am appalled that Americans are not rallying around our farmers. Between tariffs and climate change a recession might be the the death-toll for many farms. 

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I was talking to a client who is a PEACH farmer... SAD :(

They have been calling AUDIBLES ALL YEAR LONG!

AMAZING of their resilience!



 That is getting ready to bring me to an article I’m going to put on Paulding.com about the best peanuts in Paulding County Georgia, boiled peanuts that is!


 Out of all seriousness at least this local produce vendor  takes his time to pick out the best the Crim Dela creme of what he can buy!    Which is as local as he can do from the local market and bring them out to Paulding County Georgia !







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I have a neighbor on Braswell mountain I buy as much of my produce as possible from. He works really hard on his garden. Of course it is not his only income he could not live on what he makes from the garden. They can a lot so if things got rough the grocery bill could be supplemented. I try to support local as much as possible. I learned during the recession that some areas fare better than others in recessions. For Paulding, the housing, retail and restaurant do poorly in recessions so we will be hit hard. 

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