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Paulding schools seek sales tax renewal and bond

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Paulding schools to seek sales tax renewal and bond approval for new construction on Nov. 5 ballot


Paulding school district officials foresee paying off some debt and building and renovating schools if county residents vote to approve the money through a renewed sales tax in November.

The same ballot question Nov. 5 will ask voters to approve issuance of $30 million in bonds to provide the funds to immediately begin construction on a new northeast Paulding middle school and other projects.

For the rest of the story click through to the West Ga neighbor.

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The current McClure Middle School facility will be used as additional space for fast-growing North Paulding High. Officials believe construction of a new middle school will be considerably less costly than a new high school


That's an interesting approach. I would guess that McClure would become the new Freshman Academy?


That is going to create a HUGE school compared to the others in the county. I wonder if that's good or bad.


North is already the biggest in the county (7A)


North Paulding High School (3-AAAAAAA)

South Paulding High School (5-AAAAAA).

Paulding County High School (7-AAAAA),

East Paulding High School (7-AAAAA),

Hiram High School (7-AAAAA)


I realize a new middle would be lot's cheaper (esp with all the fancy expensive, bells and whistles they keep adding to the High Schools to keep up with Cobb County Schools) but is it fair to the students (and the area residents) to have that huge of a school?

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Well they know that if they tell us that not only will we continue to pay the sales tax we will have to also start making the bond payments again for the 120 million bond they already spent, this would have no chance in hades.

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Sure. They gotta pay for all that somehow. Coaches bonus for sure.


The midfle school sports programs got canned during the last downturn to save school budget.


The bonds are paying for all the new gyms, ball fields and stadiums. (Boosters do pay for lots of the extras)

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