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Nebo@Dallas-Nebo anybody know?

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Massive amounts of cars at the Ingles and several "command center" or man camp trailers at the church up the road.

Are we being invaded and nobody told me? Anybody know what's going on?

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I saw that and wrote it off to logistics surrounding a remote movie shoot.



I had heard and read that movie stars are boycotting Georgia. But then later I saw only a few, especially a couple I’ve never heard of before are actually boycotting us. One was “Tiffany Somebody”. I can’t help but wonder if an out of work actor / actress actually feels better about themselves when they say they are “boycotting Georgia”, instead of saying “I’m pursuing all my options (which might be code for my work has run dry)”?

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It took two posts to get from "What's going on at the grocery store?", to politics. Maybe not a record, but a damn fine average. Congratulations

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