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Refinery Explosion in Philadelphia - More capacity lost

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There was a massive fireball at a 150 year old refinery in south Philly early this morning as a container of Butane exploded during a fire.


Since the US is already short of refining capacity due to regulations and red tape various liberal administrations have thrown in way of new construction and expansion of capacity, this may bounce energy prices back up again for a while until they can get the refinery back on line.


It started as a bulk storage facility in 1866 (not a typo) and began refinery operations in 1870.

According to their website:



The refining complex produces a wide range of fuels for markets in the northeastern United States. Among our various products are gasoline, low-sulfur diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, butane, propane, home heating oil and the petrochemical cumene. We utilize ethanol and biodiesel as important components of our products.

With its combined 335,000 barrels per day of crude oil processing capacity, PES’ refining complex business produces approximately 110 million barrels of refined products annually.


News Report on the explosion from the New York Post



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