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What is your favorite men’s cologne?

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I have no idea about which ones last the longest but I have to tell you I have wonderful memories of a man I admired and liked quite well who wore Eternity for Men. No, he wasn't my husband, my dad, a brother, an uncle or any kind of relative. He was a client we had at work. I used to call him "the good smelling Guy".

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It really depends on the season, so it varies. My best of the best is classified but you can't go wrong with anything Tom Ford. Some in his collection may be considered unisex so if you are seeking a clearly masculine fragrance this may not be for you.

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Well, it sure ain't sweat. Back when Hubby and I were dating he wore Aramis. Over the years I've bought him several expensive brands (relatively speaking)but now I'm happy if he smells like good soap. I honestly think that's a decision better made together at the testing areas. Do I like this on you, do you like this on me, can I like myself wearing this, etc.


So....that's no help LOL! But I do know I can't handle heavy colognes (they give me a headache), I'd rather have a sniff test before buying either, and you still have tomorrow!

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Years ago I loved Aramis


Times changed and then it was Lagerfeld.


Now it’s Aqua De Gio. It’s fresh and wonderful without being overpowering.


I’ve actually become allergic to some, including my own Romance by Raph Lauren.


I wear Butterfly Flower lotion and spray from Bath and Body Works and get complimentes all the time.


Can’t deal with the heavy any more, men’s or women’s.

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