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Everyone goes to their corner and will shout their talking points and talk past each other. You say your foil was doing the insults. Other people have the said the same about your side but you didn't say anything about those posters. I'm going to suggest you step back and look objectively at all of it. Why it is that the other person and other side is always the one getting nasty and insulting according to you?

Somehow, the other side points to similar things from your side and you don't see what the other side is upset about. When you begin calling out on your side for saying things like "libtards" or "Democraps" or "RepubliCons" or CONservatives," or "low information voters," or "socialists" or "communists," or "fascists," or "low IQ," or "ignorant," or "haters of America," or "voters who leach off the taxpayer," or "corporate welfare voters," or whatever other word is used to describe them, then we can start talking about being fair.


Ever noticed how your ideas always seem to be right, fair, moderate, unbiased, based on evidence and facts, educated, and backed up with evidence but the other side is not? Maybe the problem is you're wrong. Maybe you're in the extreme. Maybe you're the one who is insulting. Maybe you're saying things in such a way that causes the other side to respond in-kind.


Maybe the physician needs to heal himself. Maybe not.

Listening to learn is not a bad thing even from those who disagree with at every turn. If you don't listen to understand, they will always be wrong in your thinking. So will you.

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