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Animal shelter question

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Bet he'd a been quite fond of me too.

No doubt.


He was a cool little dude. My neighbors named him Peanut and fed him steak, chicken, roast and all kinds of good stuff. The mayor of Braswell named him Buster and wasn't sure what to say when he discovered him living at my house.


His name was Bear :wub:



Hope you find you a good, lazy dog.
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I am taking care of a young (semi feral/ stray that has been through a lot)? For the last 9 weeks or so I have finally won him over to come when called and he sleeps in on our covered back porch with a heat lamp on cold nights...I just adore him....but he won’t let me touch him...does anyone know of a vet that will see a cat like him? I know of the one in Villa Rica But was hoping to find one closer ...but anyway I just hope he gets a clean bill of health ...wish me luck!

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