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Paulding kids sports team needs some assistance

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Good evening all,

I coach a youth sports team here in Paulding. We are in need of an indoor place for the kids to practice on Sunday afternoons. Something along the lines of an unused warehouse, barn or even a chicken house (preferably minus the chickens and their odiferous leavings). Due to the distances involved and the number on the team, we would need something fairly large - 40x80 or more. We have the necessary equipment for our needs, plus the safety equipment that would prevent damage to the building.

I know this is a long shot. People build buildings for a purpose and having one sit empty is unusual, but we are in a spot and could use some help. We have tried what you would think are the more mainstream ideas, but most are unavailable or have a timing issue.

As we are a charitable organization, the donated usage would be eligible for a tax write off.

Please feel free to PM me with any ideas or suggestions.
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What sport? Rountree Recreation in Hiram has a covered space. There's an indoor soccer field, indoor batting cages, and I think another inddoor court there. There's also indoor batting cages in Dallas that has a full basketball court in the building. Good luck and thanks for coaching. It's hard finding someone to do that!

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