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Mexico Beach Florida web cam

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If you click on the link and wait for several minutes, a live cam opens up and you can see Michael coming. Due to the high number of users, it took me about 10 minutes until the camera showed the storm coming in . Click on live view. This camera is located on top of the El Governor Motel.


Michael is going to ruin somebody's vacation!

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Toucan’s is gone and so are many of the homes there. There’s rumors about the El Governor being collapsed. Just a rumor. But I know Mexico Beach was washed away. St George Island was window deep in water. I have friends that have homes in both places. Haven’t heard from them yet. They’re here and safe but they don’t know about their homes yet.

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I've been looking for images for Gulf View Motel as well as the El Governor. We've stayed at both and are saddened by this.

If you see any, please post them. Thanks

The El Governor lost the Annex but the hotel is ok per messages on FB. So I dont know that for a fact. No cell service down there. The Lookout Lounge is gone which was right at Beach Bums house but she doesnt know anything yet about her house yet.


Toucans was blown away.


TWC showed Mexico Beach. Its flattened.


Besides the 150 mph winds they had 12-14 storm surges.


Panama City is torn up. They were out at 231 and all the rail cars were blown over. The marina at Captain Andersons was blown away.

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Look at this on a positive side. In a couple of generations your grandchildren will have their own beachfront property right here in good ole Dallas.


Sorry Apollo Beach your grandchildren are screwed .

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Every now and then mother nature has to humble man. She lets us no we are not the center of the universe as many people seem to believe. I hope everyone down there is safe and can rebuild. I have a friend who lost a modular home about 1/2 mile from the beach but no one was hurt. The bright side is new stronger construction brightening the area and creating jobs. The down side is pretty obvious if you have seen pictures. I ask that God may send his comforting angels to those in need.

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We just got back in earlier today. Our house is right outside the city limits of Mexico Beach in a little beach community called Beacon Hill Beach. We didn't even try to ride into Mexico Beach or Port St. Joe. We just went straight to our house, assessed the damage, took pictures, and checked on nearby neighbors and took them supplies and food. Approximately 85% of the homes in Beacon Hill Beach are either destroyed or have extensive damage. Our house is basically okay with minor damage and I have no idea how or why it was spared. We think maybe because there is a tree line between our house and the ocean or maybe the stricter hurricane codes for building that were put into place right before our house was built in 2004. The tree line is no longer there which ironically now gives us a view of the water. I would rather have my neighbors houses intact than the water view and I would rather no one lose their life.


We did get to sleep in our house last night but it was pretty frightening with the military helicopters and life flight helicopters flying over constantly, the constant wail of sirens, no power, no water, etc. Worse than that though was the worry about at least 250 residents that did not evacuate and have not been located.


Stonewall was right in the above post - it is a very humbling experience. Instead of being an "all about me" society, we need to love and support each other and lift each other up in not only prayer, but also in deeds. After we got through Dothan Alabama yesterday, my husband and I went through a life changing experience in observing the horrific damage done from just outside of Dothan, through Marianna and all the way down to the beach. We saw piles of rubble that used to be someone's home or business. We saw search and rescue teams out with cadaver dogs, we saw people displaced and wondering around in a daze, we saw people hugging and hanging on to each other for support. We also saw 100's of various power company trucks, we saw members of The National Guard checking on people, we saw staging areas for emergency personnel, we saw FEMA employees working tirelessly, we saw first responders working tirelessly in so many different ways - helping those in trouble, securing homes, etc. and we experienced neighbors loving and supporting each other, sharing with each other and helping each other in so many ways.


I feel like we stepped into a war zone yesterday and I will never forget this. The people in this area need so much and these are things we take for granted every day. They need food, water, coolers, ice, generators, toiletry items, hand sanitizer, charcoal, lighter fluid, etc.


We will be going down again on Thursday to meet with our insurance adjuster and will be bringing in more supplies. If anyone has any supplies they would like to contribute to those in need, we will be glad to deliver them. These people could really very much use our prayers right now.

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Glad to hear you evacuated and are OK!


Hope your neighbors that couldn't for whatever reason have survived.

^ Couldn't agree more with this statement!!


Hope you continue to do well and your neighbors get some resemblance of "normal" soon. I know many will be fighting back for a long time.


I'm off to get donations - thanks for highlighting the needs to be sent!

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