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Been here 8 years need suggestions please

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Hi again....

We moved here to Hiram 8 years ago from the NORTH.

Just had to get new glasses and was informed I have

cataracts.....which I did not have two years ago.
Optometrist said maybe 2 yrs would have to have them removed.

He recommends a clinic near Northside Hospital ..but we do NOT

not to travel all the way over there....horrible traffic ! ! !

Can anyone here recommend an Opthamologist who has good
reputation for cataract surgery close to Hiram....
say Marietta or Acworth ..etc. ????
I want to see one soon to have questions addressed.


You people in here have always been helpful to me. :) :) :)

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from my experience, if you do not like the "used car salesman" tactics, then do not go to marietta eye clinic in douglasville. pricing for cataract surg there was all over the place.... we finally said forget it and left the place after getting a quote for $6,000 out-of-pocket after cigna paid --- and then after that they tried to charge me $9 for those flimsy dark cheap sunglasses too (before i even made the appt for surgery)


i finally went to thomas eye group and paid $1780 per eye out-of-pocket. for me, it was worth saving thousands to drive near northside hospital

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We have used the professionals at Marietta Eye Clinic,. They do have an office in Hiram, but I think their eye surgery center is just off Canton Road in Marietta. They are awesome!






47 Highland Pavilion Court

Hiram, GA 30141


Yes, you are correct abt the surgery being in Marietta. They have their own surgery center. Dr. Mitchell is the best. He only does cataract surgery's. My hubby just had his done.

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I see Dr. Mehrdad Saadat at Tulman Eye Group in Lithia Springs and he suggested Cataract Surgery for me also, in the future.  I’m thinking of checking into this as well. I got new glasses in July (maybe) and they’re just not right. I still can’t read small/fine print.  So, I may try to research Laser Surgery before a couple of years. 

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