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Store check out question

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Be watching, be ready to move, be quick.

He who hesitates dies.

If you got 24 gross pounds of Dr. Pepper hanging off your buggy. Get somewhere and stay there. The rest of us will work around you.

The cashier has other things to do right now besides talking about your grandchildren. (y'all notice they took that lady off the register at Ingles Nebo)


There's a few oughta be rules.

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The store personnel should grab the next person in line who hasn't started loading their groceries onto the belt and bring them to the newly opened line. That is the only way the proper person will be chosen. Respect, manners, courtesy have gone far away in our world, our world now is a "ME" world.


I was in line just the other day and a new register opened and the clerk said "I can take the next person in line". Well a rude parent that was not the next person in line shoved her small children who were all paying separately over to the newly opened line instead of letting the older lady in front of her brood who by the way had 2 items go first, mind you she was the next person in line. That would have been the perfect opportunity to teach her younglings the meaning of manners, courtesy, and respect. Instead she chose to teach them the ways of the "ME" world. Sigh?

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