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certain groups are gonna act like certain groups.....

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is it really discrimination when certain groups behavior are the only ones disrupting an event?






but then, there is another "respectful" site with their own opinion:




the NFL put a stop to this end zone celebrating / dancing years ago



hey paulding board of education --- what is the plan for this kind of "disruption" at the high schools in 3 weeks?

{i know you can't stop the parents and their air horns....}

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I remember my high school and college graduations, and any graduation ceremony I've ever attended, and the students are told not to be up there showboating and carrying on, just walk across the stage, grab diploma with left hand and shake whomever's right hand, smile for the camera, and go on. The families are told to be quiet until after ALL the names are read so the family isn't being louder than the speaker calling the next graduate's name. They could wait and let each graduate's familiy yell and scream and carry on before calling the next name, but the ceremony is already long enough. Yes, there's usually one or two who try to do a cartwheel or jump up and down, but it's a quick second.


That being said, though, if the faculty let other graduates shimmy and shake and dance and twirl around on stage, but not let a certain group do the same, then there's a problem. If all graduates were stopped from celebrating, then no problem. The faculty member who was grabbing everyone did come across as a bit of a jerk though.

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