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Incident at PCHS?

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Anyone know of a gun being brought to Paulding High today? Or is it a rumor?



No there was not a gun at Paulding yesterday. There was a bell malfunction and some students took it as a lockdown.

These phones need to be taken out of schools.

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From Paulding County Sheriff:

Please see the below post from the Paulding County School District regarding an incident that took place at Paulding County High School (PCHS) earlier today. In summary, there were no threats made toward anyone or anythin
g at PCHS today, there were no gun(s) located at PCHS today, and there were no individuals arrested for anything at PCHS today.
Early into the incident we inaccurately told a parent that the school had been on lockdown earlier in the day. The school was NOT on lockdown and we apologize for that error.
We hope this clears up any confusion. Have a great Winter Break.

Please see below for a message from Craig Wilcox, Principal at Paulding County High School:

February 16, 2018

Dear Parents,

Earlier today, we communicated regarding an incident at our school. We wanted to follow-up and clarify the events of the day.

Prior to lunch, a couple of students were in class holding a conversation about recent events in the media as well as an incident that happened earlier in the year at our school. Then, during lunch, we had a bell malfunction which caused class to not dismiss on time. Some students wrongly assumed that this was due to a lock down. The combination of events caused confusion and the escalation of rumors at the school. The administrators investigated the rumors and all were found to be unsubstantiated. Two additional officers were on campus assisting the substitute School Resource Officer with the investigation of these rumors. Later in the day, a student made a threatening comment which was addressed by the school administration and the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office.

Throughout the afternoon, multiple social media posts from students were conveying inaccurate information. We communicated accurate information during the day to our students, parents, and staff at PCHS, as well as on social media. Our primary goal is to inform parents quickly and accurately of events which occur and impact their students.

Let us reiterate, at no time was there a threat to student safety or weapons found on campus. Please take time to talk to your students regarding social media posts and the impact of information that is being shared.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Craig Wilcox

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My friend has two kids at PCHS and they were both texting her, freaking out, begging her to come get them. One of their teachers apparently locked the classroom door. One of my friend's friends replied to her FB post saying that her son texted her "they got him at lunch" indicating someone was arrested. I don't know what happened or what didn't happen, but based on reading her thread on FB, none of the parents believe the school and they're all VERY mad about the communication/lack thereof. I don't have a student at PC so all this is second hand and observation.

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