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Real or fake?

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We always had real trees while the kids were growing up. It was a fun time to take them to the tree farm to pick one out and cut it down. Now that it's just me and hubby we've gone to the dark side and bought a fake one. It's just easier on us. I do love the smell of a real tree, though, and I miss that.

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We've had to go artificial since my son's allergies always got worse when we had a live tree.


We now have 5 of them. (Family Tree, Snowman Tree, Angel Tree, Glass Ball Tree and Santa Tree)


Early in our marriage we would go to a cut it yourself tree farm. One year we got a tree and got it back home and two weeks later hundreds of little tiny spiders hatched out of it, they had gone cheap and only sprayed for bugs once that season, just before they opened.


Another year, they had trimmed them late and the tips of the branches had dried, but not sealed. When we got it into water and the the warmth of the house, sap dripped out all over the floor and the ornaments. Wife was not happy.


Son's issues was the third strike against live trees and they were out.

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Anything real in my house is potted plants. There is no room for a dying Christmas tree, which is a fire hazard. I don't even put up my artificial tree because of all the potted plants I brought inside for the winter.


A real tree, properly maintained, is no more of a fire hazard than a toxic plastic tree.



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