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"We serve only Born Again Christians"

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Well it's been an interesting weekend. I found we have some serious racist in our community, a few bigots and I got a couple of bullets for responding to them, some that want to cloud the issues with disingenuous concepts of freedom of speech, discovered some that believe if we only ignore these issues they will go away and some that sincerely want to make a difference. I doubt any minds were changed tomorrow starts another week and life will go on as usual.

Who have you identified as racists and bigots?

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Lefties aren't cop haters. We are too damn smart to give anyone unconditional support. In other words, we are not gullible. Maybe you need to ask why this form of peaceful protest scares the right so

Sessions is completely right on this.

Or, college students whose liberal college professors disagree with their response to a piece of literature in a reader response paper.   Yes, I returned to college in my early 40's and I wrote a re

Why is it necessary to call someone a racist if they express immigration laws should be enforced, our borders secured, and illegal immigrants deported?

I think she was just adding to the list.

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