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Pathogenic Parenting: A life of orchestrated chaos

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A friend from California, Patrick Glynn does a fantastic job of explaining how courts intertwined with an alienating parent can cause orchestrated chaos in the lives of targeted parents and crush them emotionally and financially.


I very nearly followed much of this path #OnBeaversWatch but once I saw "the light" I would not give anyone the satisfaction of breaking me. I had to disengage because much like being on a disabled airplane you have to help yourself before you can help anyone else. I cannot help my child if I cannot help myself.


If you or someone you know is embroiled in a high conflict custody action, watch this video. Don't ever give them the satisfaction of breaking you. Even if you have to fight pro se for a while. I am working with several other parents now that are going through this in Paulding County.


What are The Home Depot family values?

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