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can I reinstall windows XP

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My old computer had XP. after all the scary stories that keeping XP will give you viruses, I bought & installed W7.

This computer is a desktop & is only used by my hubby to check out ebay & game Braves, scores, etc.

I like W7 myself, But I have a new laptop with W8.5 (which I hate)

But the old computer is doing worse after I installed W&.

Can I re-install XP on desktop?

& if so just how would I go abt it.


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XP is obsolete, as for as support from Windows.


I wouldn't do it. Windows 7 is your best option. I'd hang with it, if it were my choice.


Hubby only uses it to check Ebay & to get a ballgame score sometimes. does not surf internet or email or anything else.

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The XP disk you have is useless. 100s of updates happened to it since then. Microsoft no longer supports it, none of the updates are available any more. If you already have it installed on a computer, there are probably many updates already there. I have WIN 10, it's updated numerous times since I got it at Christmas.


10 is closer to XP. It's like XP on steroids.

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It seems MS has decided to patch it.


You can find that info here: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/msrc/2017/06/13/june-2017-security-update-release/


But you really shouldn't go back to XP.


And if your PC doesn't run 7 very well, then you should consider a new PC.


Running unpatched software will leave a back door open for anyone who might wander by . . . then your whole network and anything on it could be compromised.



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