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Kushner meeting with banker in December raises serious questions

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This ABC news report raises a very serious question about the December 2016 meeting between Jared Kushner and a 'sanctioned' Russian banker with direct ties to Putin. 



It is obvious that the banker said the discussion was about personal business between Kushner, who was in line to be a top adviser to Donald Trump. 


A little better context includes the understanding that both Michael Flynn and Kushner were asserting their influence for the dropping of all sorts of sanctions against Russia for their involvement in invading Crimea and portions of Ukraine imposed by NATO and the Obama Administration. 


Now add the 'war in the white house' between Kushner and Trump's Alt-right adviser Steve Bannon to the context of this revelation and you get this revelation in the ABC News article: 



The timing of Kushner’s December meeting with executives from VneshEconomBank, or VEB, at the suggestion of the Russian ambassador, has also raised concerns from government watchdog groups across the political spectrum.


Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, (which was founded by Trump adviser Stephen Bannon and funded in part by a Trump mega-donor, Rebekah Mercer), said the meeting “had conflict of interest written all over it.”

“You worry about a quid pro quo, you worry about Kushner getting some financial arrangement from a Russian financial institution, and you worry about White House policy being shaped in a way that benefits either those banks or Russia at large,” Schweizer told ABC News. “That's the concern.”


Then there is Kushner's 'overpayment' in the purchase of the $1.3 billion dollar office building at 666 Fifth Ave. in NYC that is one-third empty and is on track to bankrupt Kushner when he is forced to repay the loan sometime in the next 24 months.  (Some say because of the deal he's going to go bankrupt over this.)


The point is that here that Kushner is looking for a banker with billions to loan to bail his ass out and figures that the only way he can avoid bankruptcy in the deal is to bring something 'more to the table' ... hence his efforts to tie the dropping of sanctions to a sanctioned russian bank that is designed to please the Russian president who treats state-run entities like this russian bank as his private companies. 


This is the same 'scam" as a local county commissioner siding up to a local banker saying that if he'll loan the commissioner some cash so he can keep his lovely in style, he'll deposit all the county's cash in the bankers bank, wink, wink.  Folks caught doing that go to jail. It is called bribery.


Where is the entire Republican establishment in Congress or even on the state level on this? 


Why they're supporting Karen Handel for congress to add another vote to protect Donald Trump and his royal family.


This ain't no way to run a country.



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