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Keri, you are my personal hero

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To carry your baby to full term and know you will never raise that child but you want to do this in the hopes that your decision will help others is just beyond the normal mindset.


Angel. I'll be curious how many will benefit from her own personal heartbreak.


Folks seriously, try to remember this story when you wander into a people suck mode. :)


Not all of us do.

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Though her baby did not live...through her love for her fellow man her baby will live on..we need more people like this.

That is the message.....people need to realize that that truly good people do exist.

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Keri's act is the epitome of selflessness, kindness, sacrifice and compassion. Yes, RM, she certainly deserves to be called hero. I just can't get this story out of my head. I don't think I could ever be strong enough to do what Keri is doing. God bless her, her family and all who love her. :cray: :wub:

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