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My friends, I come to you tonight to seek support in stopping these vicious acts. Earlier this evening, during the Carolina Panthers' win over the New Orleans Saints, Luke Kuechly was injured while trying to tackle N.O. running back Tim Hightower late in the 4th quarter. He was carted off the field with symptoms of a concussion or torn knee ligament or tendon, no one's sure yet. This devastating injury was caused by the "blatant" act of the offensive player dropping his head and hitting the 6'-3'', 242 pound linebacker with the crown of his helmet square in the center of the defenseless defensive player's chest while he was just doing his job! A job that he has spent a lifetime to learn. This was a season or maybe even a career ending injury.

What will this 25 year old do now? His salary for this year is ONLY 1 million dollars with a contract guarantee of just 34.36 million over 6 years plus a signing bonus of a mere 19 million. I guess that he can fall back on his marketing degree that he had to go back to Boston College over the last two years to earn after leaving in his junior year to be picked 9th over all in the NFL draft. Thank goodness his Mom was looking out for him enough to make him do that.

All this on the eve of the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders leaving to go to Mexico for a Monday Night Football game to enhance the league's international image and exposure. A game of such importance that the players were issued a list of what to do / not do. The list included drinking only bottled water under the heading of "health and performance" and don't leave the hotel room under "safety". Also on the list was NO room service. The latter was added to cover the league rule about not eating meat from China or South America which may or may not contain "clenbuterol", a league banned steroid.

When are we going to stop the abuse of these young men for our own enjoyment? So what if they have chosen to "play" this... this contact sport? So what if most have no other means to earn millions of dollars? This MUST end NOW! Please call your Congressman now to stop this senseless brutality, before your children have the chance to make millions of dollars while risking their health and well being. Let them learn needle point, oh, wait a second, they might poke themselves with the needle and bleed to death or get a deadly infection. Let's ban needle work too!

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