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Help needed moving some furniture - SE Marietta

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And mayber more if you are productive.


We are between the end of MaCland Road/Windy Hill and Powder Springs Street, and the Marietta Square.


Depending on how good, and hard, workers you are, we could do some yard work too.


Daughter, son in law, and granddaughter now have their own house a mile or 2 away. They moved most of their stuff yesterday.


But we are now in a squeeze and need some assistances in spreading what we have out and about the homestead.


That leaves us with furniture scattered about here in several different rooms that Melissa and I just cannot physically handle.


We have a LARGE desk in the basement that needs to go where Granddaughter's room was, an amoire from one bed room to another, 2 large stacked dresser drawers from one bed room to another. A couch from the basement to the living room, and well.....you get the drift.


Etc. Etc. Etc.


And then all the boxes and anything left downstairs in the basement needs to go up in the upstairs of the barn. We are going to see about getting on with putting a Mother in Law suite in the basement. But all the furniture, boxes of "stuff", and other clutter has to go out to the barn or to a new room before we can start.


And if the workers want, if we get all the inside moving work taken care of, we have lots of clean up yard work to do as well. Cutting down some small trash trees, privette, etc. Maybe spraying weeds and IVY with round up if the weather is warm and not windy.


It could be a good solid afternoon of work for some high school boys ?


$10.00 and hour, and depending on how many hours, we may could negotiate that a bit. You know, like get it all done, and I will throw in a bonus.


Let me know if there are any interested workers.

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Surepip - let me show this to my son. This is the kind of work that he does all the time. I know he's booked out this afternoon. His brother comes home from college tomorrow so I think that's out. But, I don't know what his weekend looks like. I think he's got two jobs already, but he's also looking to make some money. And, kids are out of school for the week.


If you wanted them both - both boys may be willing to come make some money.


I'll ask and get back with you.

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