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Any good haunted houses/tours in the area?

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My teenage daughter and I went to the Haunted Springs walking ghost tour in Powder Springs over the weekend and had a blast! I was wondering what else similar is in the area. Any recommendations?

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Want to go to a really scary one, head over to Cave Spring (between Cedartown and Rome) and stop at the old Georgia School for the Deaf campus. I believe it is the Fannin building that is haunted. The city of Cave Spring probably have the keys to the buildings. I would be shocked if the city does not host haunted visits.


Or head over to the little community in Cedartown called Esom Hill. :o

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My son went last weekend to "Gates of Misery" in Rome and he really liked it!


The same son and my daughter volunteered at the train ride in villa rica, last night. He said they are really needing volunteers, so any teens out there that need club volunteer hours, should check into it. They are open, thurs-sat for next 3 weekends.




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