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Ahhhh.....T-Bone Burgers for dinner and cold cream of mushroom soup

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Kroger had these 1# packs of good looking giant mushrooms for reduced for quick sale for $1.69 , so I got all 4.


2 giant onions, a whole bulb/clove of garlic, and oil. Add the mushrooms, cook for 15 minutes or so, and add 2 quarts of chicken stock. Let that come to a boil and reduce to simmer for 45 minutes and rest.



Take the boat motor to it and make a puree'


Cool in the fridge overnight


Add 1/3 half and half for 2/3 soup base, garlic croutons, and enjoy!!!!!


Served wth 2 T-Bone Hamburgers made from the $2.75 a pound T-Bones I bought at Sav-a-lot and ground up a few weeks ago. A T-Bone burger is SPECIAL!!!! Really SPECIAL!!!!


Good Eats here tonight, with no chemicals, preservatives, High fructose corn syrup, etc.etc.


Bon Apetite' Y'all.......what are you fixing?

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Sinigang soup... Southern Style. 3 leg quarters, 1 head white cabbage chopped large, 1 lg. Vidallia onion chopped large, 1 lb. small green beans whole, 4 Irish taters chunked, 3 quarts water ( add more as needed) 3 ounces tamarind. Biol till cabbage is tender. I eat with rice, but the ol' lady goes all Southern and has homemade corn bread. Better in the winter, but I just had a taste for sour soup. It's great with fish, shrimp. or even pork, but the closest she gets to sea food is fried catfish, which is on the menu tomorrow.

Nice recipe for your soup surepip. I'll have to add that to my book.

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